Heuristics for finding a Win2K domain controller ...

Norbert Püschel Pueschel.Norbert at Walzbarren-VAW.ne.uunet.de
Fri May 3 00:51:05 GMT 2002


WINS is only used for backward compatibility in Win2K. The DCs are found
via their
DNS entries; they have entries of type SRV in _msdcs.your.domain, where
your.domain is
your DNS domain _and_ your W2K-domain.

Your DNS must support dynamic DNS for this to work. W2Ks DNS-server does
this, as does BIND 8/9.

Hope this helps.


Richard Sharpe schrieb:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know any heuristics for finding a Win2K Domain controller?
> WINS does not seem to work the same way as NT4 ...
> Regards
> -----
> Richard Sharpe, rsharpe at ns.aus.com, rsharpe at samba.org,
> sharpe at ethereal.com

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