wbinfo -t and Win2K DCs ...

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at ns.aus.com
Thu May 2 16:02:17 GMT 2002


I have run into a spot of bother with wbinfo and Win2K.

We run Samba as a member server from a Win2K DC.

We join the DC correctly, but wbinfo -t does not work.

This seems to be because the WINS server running on the Win2K DC will not 
answer queries looking for DOMAIN#1c.

However, I know we have joined because wbinfo -u works.

Has anyone seen this? Is there a solution on the DC, or do I have to hack 
winbindd to be able to look up the DC correctly?
Richard Sharpe, rsharpe at ns.aus.com, rsharpe at samba.org, 
sharpe at ethereal.com

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