Some people owe me doc updates...

Green, Paul Paul.Green at
Thu May 2 15:06:01 GMT 2002

Gerald Carter [mailto:jerry at] writes:
> I need smb.conf entries for 
> * admin log
> * inherit acls
> * lock spin count
> * lock spin time
> * winbind use default domain
> And yes I could look in the code, but the rule is
> "you add a parameter, you update the docs".  Thanks 
> for the help on this.  I'm just about to release
> 2.2.4 as soon as I get the smb.conf man page up 
> to date.

Suggestion: in the future turn down code changes w/o accompanying
documentation changes.  Yes, it is a tough stance, and yes, you might lose a
few nice features, or a few coders.  But I think it more likely that people
will accept the new situation and rise to the challenge.  Samba is a
critical product these days and having such a requirement would simply
recognize that fact.  In actuality, I think the actual policy would be to
simply defer the commit until the author supplies the documentation changes.

Over on the perl5-porters list, where I've been working for ~6 months, we
have a pretty good record of getting code changes, docu changes, and test
case additions or changes all at the same time.  Not perfect, but pretty

Of course, maybe you are doing this already, and because I've been away for
a while I didn't notice. If that's the case, ignore this.


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