Ali Hasnain Baqri ali.baqri at
Thu May 2 08:25:01 GMT 2002

Hi All

I am using smbclient v 2.2.2

I am executing smbclient through java.lang.Process.exec(String[])
I am getting the output through stream from it.
When I list the contents of a directory on Windows containing japanese 
characters, the output is corrupted.
Using InputStreamReader to read the output of smbclient with encoding as 
any of euc-jp, shift-jis and utf-8 doesnot work. I tried using -t option
to supply the encoding in conjuction of above, it still doesnot work.

I then printed the values of character in the string which was being 
formed out of smbclient output even with the encoding defined. None of 
them is above 255.

I had set "coding system" to above mentioned encodings one by one and 
"client code page=932"

Kindly help be get the japanese characters correctly from smbclient output.


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