Samba into kernel

Urban Widmark urban at
Wed Mar 27 13:38:02 GMT 2002

On Wed, 27 Mar 2002, Seitz, Matt wrote:

> 1.  If one is the copyright holder of the GPLed code, one can add exceptions
> to the GPL license to allow linking to particular non-GPL code.  In this
> case, the copyright holders of the Samba source code used in the Solaris
> plug-in could grant permission to allow linking the plug-in to Solaris.

I think this would be the clearest solution and that is why I mentioned
it. Even if there may be some work involved in getting ok from everyone
it would help ensure their support.

It might also help those who would distribute binaries (eg sunfreeware) of
the samba package for Solaris, as it has been suggested that it is allowed
to make something use the interface but that it wouldn't be allowed to
distribute the binaries even when making the source available.

If your arguments why Sun wouldn't be allowed to do this is correct then a
modified license would help if someone from Sun wants to help, or IBM do
something for AIX, or ...
(I disagree with your reading. I believe they just can't ship them 
 together, but maybe I am leaning too much on the word "accompanies")

I won't answer the rest except to say that I'm not convinced.
Also, you didn't follow the instructions at the end of my email :)


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