Samba and ADS

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Wed Mar 27 08:15:12 GMT 2002

David Lee wrote:
> In the next couple of weeks, we need to verify Samba against Active
> Directory, with a view to wholesale migration later in the year  

	Are you primarily interested in using an NT AD server,
	or moving to Kerberos (and/or LDAP) on Unix and Windows both?

	If the intention is to move your organization's
	authentication servers to NT, then your problems
	will lie in getting Solaris, HP/UX and the like
	to authenticate Unix users via Kerberos. This is
	well-understood on Linux, but somewhat experimental
	on commercial Unices.

	If the opposite is true, then Samba needs to deal with
	the MS extensions to Kerberos (someone else will need
	to brief us both) or the Kerberos folks will need to
	comment on running Kerberos and AD in some form of
	trust relationship...

--dave (who read ADS and thought AIDS (:-() c-b

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