solaris 2.6,samba 2.2.3a: winbind does not authenticate users

Klein.Roman at Klein.Roman at
Tue Mar 26 08:27:23 GMT 2002

I'm using samba now for 6-7 years starting with samba 1.9.18.

I have 6 machines running samba v2.0.7 under linux and solaris 
I have upgraded one of the solaris machines to samba 2.2.3a including
acl-support and winbind.

I live in a win2k forest, so my domain has a trust relationship with an
other win2k domain.
My domain controllers are in mixed mode.

In order to get winbindd and nsswitch up and running I had to adjust the
Makefile as follows:

        @echo "Linking $@"
        @$(SHLD) -h $@ -G -o $@ $(WINBIND_NSS_PICOBJS) $(LIBS)

I added the $(LIBS) to the linker-line, without that I had errors when doing
a 'ls -l' for a file which was owned by a DOMAIN+domuser account.

Furthermore I had to copy the nsswitch/ as
to /lib
After configuring nsswitch.conf I can successfully do:

wbinfo -u
wbinfo -g
getent passwd
getent group

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