Samba, xfs, permissions and chacl

Olaf Fr±czyk olaf at
Tue Mar 26 06:23:02 GMT 2002

On 2002.03.26 12:38:35 +0100 gamito at wrote:
> Hi there,
> I wonder if someone can help me out on this one.
> I'm running Samba 2.2.3a with-acl support included on XFS shares.
> Well, i got this weird problem: when i try to change NT file 
> permissions through the NT security file tab it works perfectly well.
> When i try to do the same with some directory it simple doesm't work
> (!)
> I check some permission box, then apply and the box gets 
> automagically unchecked and thereby the permission is not altered.
> Let's see:
> 1. i've got a directory name "test", a user "gamito" and a 
> group "test"
> 2. chacl u::rwx,g::rwx,o::rw-,m::rwx,g:test:rw- test/
> 3. Running chacl -l i get everytihng fine.
> Why does this works on files but not on directories ?

This is not XFS thing. It is caused by samba.
BTW, with 2.2.3a default ACLs doesn't work ok. They were not applied to newly created files and directories.
It has changed in CVS about week/two weeks ago.
And it should be ok now.

About changing rights from NT:
Samba is using several unix right bits for hidden,system,archived attributes for dos compatibility.
And there are also some other small problems.
To make it work, all changes to permissions which samba does have to be removed.
I hope if I have some free time I try to change this code a little (but it won't be soon). Or may be somebody else could do it.
The easiest way would be to remove handling of these bits.
But I think, that many people need this. So I think, that the only clean way to do it, is to move them to EAs.
And this probably won't be simply, because different filesystems have different "ideas" of EAs.


Olaf Fraczyk

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