W2K/Samba browse sync broken?

Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Mon Mar 25 17:17:10 GMT 2002

I came across this at the IETF meeting in Minneapolis (a suburb of Saint 
Paul, Minnesota).

Samba was running on subnet A, and W2K machines were all on subnet B. 
Browse sync was failing.  I used nmblookup to identify the LMB on the W2K
subnet and turned on remote announce, and magic... the Samba server
appeared.  When I turned off remote announce (necessary, since the W2K 
machines were being randomly rebooted) the Samba server (eventually) 
disappeared from the list.

This tells me that there is something broken in the W2K <---> Samba 
browse sync.

I grabbed some network traces, but I don't know the innards of browse 
sync well enough (yet) to figure them out.  I was able to reproduce the 
same problem at home (using my Zaurus palmtop as a router).

I'm looking for someone to help me figure this out.  Anyone with a better 
knowlege of browse semantics...


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