[PATCH] Fix Name mangling in HEAD

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Mon Mar 25 12:36:05 GMT 2002

Simo Sorce wrote:
> Sorry Andrew but reverting back to 2.2 code is not the way to go on my
> opinion, I made that code to solve many problems and bugs that apperead
> in 2.2. code. The way to go is that me and tridge discussed on IRC, eg:

I'm increasing of the opinion that the 2.2 approach is the only valid
way to do this.  We need an approach that scales with the size of the
server - and your mangling TDB *DOES NOT*.

The results are quite painful - and I know the code was completely
*untested* (It caused quite a few problems at my site - hence this and
previous patches).  Even moving to a larger hash presents *major* issues
in scaleability - your mangling DB would have to be the same order of
magnitude as the whole filesystem's combined metadata!

Worse still, a mangling TDB does not reflect changes in the filesystem -
we keep stale entries around *for ever*.

> change the code to use a hash instead of numbering as windows (2k at
> least) does after a few similar entries (five).
> eg:
> averylongname[1-10].txt
> windows do this:
> averyl~1.txt
> averyl~2.txt
> averyl~3.txt
> averyl~4.txt
> averyl~5.txt
> aERWF4~1.txt
> aehw64~1.txt
> .
> .
> we would do this:
> aRtf6e~9.txt
> aWE456~3.txt
> ...
> the number of letters that will be used will be based on a configurable
> option (1 to 7).
> We need to keep the a tdb as base but make an in meory cache to spead up
> things.

As I explain above:  in memory cache is fine, larger hash is fine, but
persistent DB just doesn't work.  A cross-smbd cache could work, but
might just loose all the caching benefits all together.

> And above all move everything to VFS and merge in also the case
> sensitivity handling.

Yes, it would be good to be able to make this 'somebody else's problem'
- new VFS modules can consider this stuff in their design etc.

Andrew Bartlett

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