R codes in Samba wins.dat

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at samba.org
Mon Mar 25 10:22:04 GMT 2002

Claudio Shigueo Watanabe wrote:
|>I want to known what is the R entries in the wins.dat. I search in all the
|>web but I find just a e-mail that you send in the samba-technical mailing
|>In your e-mail you explain the e4R and the 64R codes, but I like to know
|>the other R codes like 4R and 44R. 
|wins.dat file is read when nmbd starts and write-back when nmbd stops.
|So, if you modify wins.dat manually, first you should stop nmbd.
|And then please add entries like:
|"SAMBA#1c" 0 e4R
|           |                             ~~~ <-- means NetBIOS group name
|           | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <-- multiple IP addresses is
|           |                                 seperated with a space
|           +-- TTL = 0 means forever
|"DONAU#20" 0 64R
|                           ~~~ <-- means NetBIOS unique name
|       ~~ <-- suffix must be written with lower case.
|and restart nmbd.

As far as I know, there are no documents.
If you want to know more, please look at wins_write_database() in
source/nmbd/nmbd_winsserver.c and search for NB_GROUP in

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