setting up samba server for remote printer driver download

Tim Potter tpot at
Sun Mar 24 21:02:35 GMT 2002

On Sun, Mar 24, 2002 at 10:47:24PM -0600, Gerald Carter wrote:

> > FYI - The construct_printer_info_1 routine looks interestingly different
> > between Samba 2..2.3a and head
> > The first sub-field within the printer_info_1 "description" field is filled
> > in 2.2.3a with get_called_name() prepended to the printername while in head
> > this subfield is simply printername.
> I consider SAMBA_2_2 to be the authoritative printing code base because it 
> has had much more testing that HEAD.  I think HEAD is wrong.

Aargh - I thought they were supposed to be in sync?


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