setting up samba server for remote printer driver download

Gerald Carter jerry at
Sun Mar 24 20:47:02 GMT 2002

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Steven French wrote:

> I think Tim had recently mentioned that setting up a Samba print server for
> remote driver download via imprints was broken due to the error mapping
> problem in rpcclient spoolss stuff.    I haven't had much success doing the
> equivalent (installing the drivers remotely to the Samba server download
> area and configuring the driver properties for the spooler) via the Windows
> 2000 Add Printer Wizard or printui utility.     Do most people setup
> printer download via imprints? but if so I am surprised more people haven't
> mentioned the problem in 2.2.x that Tim was mentioning.   Looks like the
> merge of the 3.0 fixes to 2.2.x in the spoolss rpcclient code is
> non-trivial.


I thought I responded to this.  Maybe that was on the samba list.
Imprints as a project is currently unmaintained and not working.
The only way to successfully upload drivers is via the NT/2k
native tools.

We do need to cooble together a tools for executing the required RPCs
and one that developers won;t muck with :-)

cheers, jerry
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