Samba into kernel

Tristan Ball tristan.ball at
Sun Mar 24 15:45:02 GMT 2002

> > We noted that Veritas already seem to have done this in the ServPoint
> > software (see their White Paper "VERITAS ServPoint Appliance
> Software for
> > NAS", pages 2 and 3).  This re-assured us that my thoughts were at least
> > partially sane.
> Yes, but VERITAS didn't use any Samba code in-kernel, they added their
> own code to Solaris and then modified Samba to call it.
> > Naturally, this would be a significant piece of work.  So the principle
> > would require the approval of the Samba Team, and I would guess that any
> > implementation would also require the involvement, even if only as
> > occasional over-seer, of a Team member (the bulk of the work may well be
> > done by others).
> >
> > Is there any mileage in this possibility?  Or should I stop
> right there?
> On GPLed Operating Systems - certainly. Not for proprietary ones I'm
> afraid.

Wouldn't it depend on exactly what you wanted to add? Is there some
possibility of adding the necessary code other OS's, eg solaris, via a
loadable kernel module?


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