Error while saving Samba Files- Local Drive name is already i n us e!!!!!!

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Sun Mar 24 06:00:02 GMT 2002

Kamelia Sadeghi Dadgar wrote:
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> Sorry the Error message didnt come through:
> Windows:
> An error occured while reconnecting I: to \\pelican\itc2
> Microsoft Windows Network: The local device name is already in use.
> This connection has not been restored

I have seen this on an entirely Microsoft network.  So it appears that 
in this case SAMBA is compatable :-)

It usually requires at the client side to disconnect from I: and 
reconnecting it again.

It is a good idea in a login script that the client runs when logging 
into a domain to verify a drive is mapped properly by testing access to 
a file on it.  If the access is not successful, then to disconnect and 
reconnect the drive.

Some people just put a NET USE command in the login script, and ignore 
the error it returns when the drive is already mapped.  This works most 
of the time.

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