Error while saving Samba Files- Local Drive name is already in us e!!!!!!

Kamelia Sadeghi Dadgar kamelia at
Sun Mar 24 03:55:01 GMT 2002

Anyone has been getting this error?

Recently just in the past 3 weeks, all our Samba shares on Windows NT 2000, looks as though they are OFFLINE with a Red X marking it as 
if it is not connected. However, when the user accesses  their files,it does connect. User can modify the same file without any problem, but with 
a new file or a "save as" command. we get this message:

> >  <<...OLE_Obj...>> 
Anyone has any idea what the problem could be? we are using samba 2.0.6 , I even upgraded to the latest Samba , still same problem manifests itself.

Thank you

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