Jukebox VFS module almost finished :-)

Andreas Lund floyd at atc.no
Sat Mar 23 15:27:55 GMT 2002

Sat, 23 Mar 2002 17:22:25 -0600, John Malmberg <wb8tyw at qsl.net> wrote:
> I would configure a directory on a real disk with the same files really 
> on it, and compare the traces.
> Your goal is to get the VFS to produce the same results.
> It is pretty easy to single step through SMBD on OpenVMS, and I guess 
> that the LINUX debuggers should be able to do the same.

Probably, but I have no idea how to do it so instead I rely on very verbose
logging. It's slower, but I finally nailed the problem. I had accidently typed

!strncpy instead of !strncmp in an if() statement, which kinda screwed up the
logic :o)

Only the locking problem remains now, AFAIK.


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