Jukebox VFS module almost finished :-)

John Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Sat Mar 23 06:47:04 GMT 2002

Andreas Lund wrote:
> This module is coming along very well, the module uses mysql for caching
> directory contents so clients can browse the media without the changer having
> to work overtime. And it's sooo close to working!

This is a possible solution to the shelved file system issue.  Note that 
  it requires more space.  In addition to caching the directory 
contents, can you look into caching the first part of the file so the 
icons will be present?

> But... I get hundreds, nay thousands of requests for "desktop.ini". Now, if I
> just return a "fake" stat buffer saying the file is here, everything works,
> but very slowly since the client will then always follow up by trying to open
> the non-existing file a few times before moving on

> However if I tell the truth and have jukebox_stat() return -1 when desktop.ini
> doesn't exist, then the client refuses to show any files at all!

The file desktop.ini does not need to exist, so returning that it does 
not exist should not cause your directory not to be displayed.

And on a normal filesystem, this is not a problem, so this would need 
some more investigation.

There are some other files that a Windows client will search for that do 
not show up in a directory.  It depends on what software is installed on 
the client.  One of the client indexing tools does this.

Have you been following the shelved file thread?

How are you dealing with the Windows Explorer wanting to open files to 
display their icons?

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