shelved files and SAMBA

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Fri Mar 22 15:23:15 GMT 2002

Just a question... Would it be possible to cache the icons only?

Assuming that you would be implementing shelved file support using a VFS 
layer, would it be possible to detect--within the VFS layer--when the 
access was for the icons only?  Perhaps by watching for byte-ranges or 
particular calls that look for icons?

If you could do this, then the VFS layer would need only have the icon 
itself on the fast storage.  The reset would be retrieved from slow 
storage only if accessed.

Not sure how practical that is....

> Much discussion on this list has been about shelved files and SAMBA.
> I had an off list discussion about this with Dave Collier-Brown and we 
> determined that a summary should be put on this list.

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