setting up samba server for remote printer driver download

Michael Sweet mike at
Fri Mar 22 05:13:04 GMT 2002

Steven French wrote:
> I think Tim had recently mentioned that setting up a Samba print server for
> remote driver download via imprints was broken due to the error mapping
> problem in rpcclient spoolss stuff.    I haven't had much success doing the
> equivalent (installing the drivers remotely to the Samba server download
> area and configuring the driver properties for the spooler) via the Windows
> 2000 Add Printer Wizard or printui utility.     Do most people setup
> printer download via imprints? but if so I am surprised more people haven't
> mentioned the problem in 2.2.x that Tim was mentioning.   Looks like the
> merge of the 3.0 fixes to 2.2.x in the spoolss rpcclient code is
> non-trivial.

We've had a lot of reported problems with the CUPS "cupsaddsmb"
program when adding the Adobe PS drivers via smbclient and rpcclient.
Everything worked in 2.2.2, but broke starting with 2.2.3.

I've been trying to root out the problem but haven't had much luck so
far (still getting up to speed on the spoolss code) - basic things
like the printer name and server name are not getting passed back
in the enumprinters request, for example.

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