Printer driver download broken on 2.2.3a

Mike Sweet mike at
Fri Mar 22 03:34:04 GMT 2002

Steven French wrote:
> A more detailed description of what I am seeing.
> It looks like I can manually (via rpcclient) do a successful adddriver of
> the printer driver followed by setprinter of the printer to lp-raw but
> Windows 2000 (or XP) won't download the driver when it attaches to the
> print share because we are returning mostly empty data back from Samba
> 2.2.3a in response to GetPrinter level 2 RPC request
> The data returned from rpcclient looks correct for:
> 1) enumdrivers
> 2) enumprinters (with the driver field in the middle of the description
> field, separated by commas from the two adjacent fields)
> 3) and getprinter level 1 also looks right

Hmm, I get blanks for all of this on my Linux (RH 7.2) machine,
even after a "successful" sequence of rpcclient commands to add
both the NT and 9x drivers to a printer queue.  "enumprinter"
returns blanks for servername and printername (!), among other

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