Implementing LDAP Passwd sync [was] Re: NT Password Change Behavior

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Wed Mar 20 18:14:02 GMT 2002

On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 12:02:11AM +0100, Osama Dengler wrote:
> Am 20 Mar 2002, um 15:45 Uhr schrieb Matt Pavlovich zum Thema Implementing LDAP Passwd sync [was]:
> Dazu meine Meinung:
> > I see the following fields in the SAM_ACCOUNT definition:
> > 
> >  pstring unknown_str ; /* don't know what this is, yet. */
> >  uint32 unknown_3; /* 0x00ff ffff */
> >  uint32 unknown_5; /* 0x0002 0000 */
> >  uint32 unknown_6; /* 0x0000 04ec */
> > 
> > Will adding a new field to the SAM_ACCOUNT structure break anything?  ie
> > are there functions that access data via offsets, sizeof() etc?
> It seems to me that this structure is sent over the wire via RPC to the 
> windows clients. In this case You must _under no circumstances_ modify 
> the struct because this breaks all kinds of windows functions. Most of the
> structures are documented in the various MS PlatformSDKs.

Incorect.  This structure (SAM_ACCOUNT) is used only inside samba, it is not
sent over the wire.

Feel free to add a 'plaintext password' feild to it, and to read it in a patch
to pdb_ldap.c.  (I would add a flag like we have for homedir and the like, and only update if it is actually set).

Andrew Bartlett

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