Implementing LDAP Passwd sync [was] Re: NT Password Change Behavior

Osama Dengler osama at
Wed Mar 20 15:01:18 GMT 2002

Am 20 Mar 2002, um 15:45 Uhr schrieb Matt Pavlovich zum Thema Implementing LDAP Passwd sync [was]:
Dazu meine Meinung:

> I see the following fields in the SAM_ACCOUNT definition:
>  pstring unknown_str ; /* don't know what this is, yet. */
>  uint32 unknown_3; /* 0x00ff ffff */
>  uint32 unknown_5; /* 0x0002 0000 */
>  uint32 unknown_6; /* 0x0000 04ec */
> Will adding a new field to the SAM_ACCOUNT structure break anything?  ie
> are there functions that access data via offsets, sizeof() etc?
It seems to me that this structure is sent over the wire via RPC to the 
windows clients. In this case You must _under no circumstances_ modify 
the struct because this breaks all kinds of windows functions. Most of the
structures are documented in the various MS PlatformSDKs.

Cheers, Osama

Osama Dengler

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