Further to Problems with offline files and Explorer 'hangs'

Damir Dezeljin programing at nib.si
Wed Mar 20 13:11:04 GMT 2002


>   I'll suggest that, if it is a credible thing to do, we return
> the offline attribute when asked for information about such files,
> but just try to open them when asked.
>   If the file is not offline, the open will succeed normally.
>   If the file is offline, the client will be paused until it
> becomes online and the smbd continues.
I think that is better if samba only returns offline attribute. Is up to 
user (or kernel) to do something util with offline files - Windows work 
in this way - they don't block a reading process.

Is up to the kernel (DMAPI API) to found an open event 
on offline file and to put the process which access the file to sleep 
until the file is recalled.


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