[Samba] Problems with offline files and Explorer 'hangs'

Ulf Bertilsson ulf.bertilsson at adcomdata.no
Wed Mar 20 01:18:06 GMT 2002

> > - Starting with NTFS 5, M$ support an "offline" file 
> attribute. If the 
> > server is located on Win2k or greater, clients "detect" 
> this attribute 
> > and don't try to read an icon data from the file (don't 
> trigger a read 
> > event). Is there a way to mark a file on samba share with this 
> > attribute? If not, where I have to hack sources (I'm not 
> familiar with 
> > samba sources)?
> 	Hmmn, this could also be set to mimimize the
> 	time taken to scan large directories. reading
> 	files to see which pretty icon to use. 

On my OS this is TERRIBLE when using "explorer" with "Web" view enabled.

If you look with an file IO utility on the host beeing browsed this way
the preformance is terible as well as every file is acces several times.

By configuring the config for "explorer" to not use Web as well as other
grapical stuff will prove 2-3 times increase in practical browsing

I did have some logs and captures to illustrate this.

I was thinking about pacthing the IO function to give generic file data
explorer at firxst read with some dummy cache to realy spice up the

I can live without icons.

Interesting stuff this, I use "Dopus" explorer replacement so
I don't have this problem right now :)

Is this attribute on file system level or in the SMB packet ?


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