OT: unix-centric vs windows

Ulf Bertilsson ulf.bertilsson at adcomdata.no
Tue Mar 19 06:54:10 GMT 2002

> John Malmberg wrote:
> > While the plain text hacks are not needed for current versions of 
> > SAMBA, It is useful to have them available for those that 
> are running 
> > older versions.
> 	Actually they're necessary for anyone who 
> 	wants single-signon without trying to kludge 
> 	your Solaris/Irix/AIX/HP-UX/Linux

	Amithlon (Amiga OS 3.9 with native
      X86 lowlevel emulation.)

>     machines to	authenticate their users via a Windows PDC.

Well, the other way seems impossible so.

> 	In short, for any sites which are unix-centric
> 	rather than windows-centric.
I like to think all my os and boxes should work in the best synergy
Right now this prove to be an Win2000 AD controller.

I will tho try 2.2.X and see what's possible.
I'm a bit confused in what is under development and what finished.
> 	Plus, of course, for people who don't **like**
> 	windows.

In the end of the day, there is nothing better that turn on your
favorite os.
It boots in a few seconds and you know every corner of it.

Working with Win2000, Cluster, San, High END AIX stuff
makes you dream to the days of simple working boxes.
> --dave (an admitted Unix/Multics bigot) c-b

So, how can samba be used as fullblown auth/Single logon server
for an large number of misc clients ? :)

Amiga nutta :)

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