Need Help Building Samba with the same options as Mandrake

Esh, Andrew AEsh at
Mon Mar 18 11:31:04 GMT 2002

BTW: Just to keep things clean: Us "cvs export" instead of CVS checkout, so
you don't tar up all the CVS files too.

I have my reservations about stripping out those patches. Of course they
probably won't apply to the new code cleanly, but taking them out may leave
the new Samba unintegrated with Mandrake for some features. Maybe try
applying them, and leave in the ones that apply cleanly. That will at least
minimize the variance from what Mandrake developers intended.

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Mike, Andrew,

Thanks for the hints -- obviously I've never looked at a src rpm before :)

I've taken the "build a new set of RPMs" approach, which seems to be
compiling hapilly now.

Here's what I've done, can anyone spot any silly bad things?

Download samba CVS (CVS checkout)

Rename source from samba to samba-2.2.4

Download samba-2.2.3a.src.rpm

Tar the samba CVS as samba-2.2.4.tar.bz2

Install the src rpm

Look in /usr/src/RPM/SOURCES

Replace samba-2.2.3a.tar.bz2 with the new version

Remove some patches (anything that refers to 2.2.3a):

Rename the README.samba-2.2.3a-10mdk as README.samba-2.2.4-0.1sjm

Look in /usr/src/RPM/SPECS

Edit samba.spec
 Change to my new version number
 Comment references to removed patches (2 places each)
 Put in a changelog entry -- very professional :)

Run rpm -ba samba.spec -- complains that I need pam-devel, libcups-devel,

Download and install pam-devel, libcups1-devel, libacl1-devel,
libattr1-devel (plus dependancies) from cooker mirror

Rerun rpm -ba samba.spec. This is compiling now, and looks like I might get
some rpms out of it.

> You could probably get the Mandrake source RPM (samba-*.src.rpm),
> install it (rpm -Uvh samba-*.src.rpm), download the samba-2.2.3a
> tarball, put the tarball in /usr/src/*/SOURCES, modify the spec file
> (most likely /usr/src/*/SPECS/samba.spec) to bump the version number on
> the new RPM that you create and on the tarball.  Evaluate any patches
> that Mandrake adds to ensure that they still make sense for this new
> release, then "rpm -ba samba.spec".

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