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from smb.conf man page 

     wins server (G)
             This specifies the IP  address  (or  DNS  name:  IP
             address  for  preference)  of  the WINS server that
             nmbd(8)should register with. If  you  have  a  WINS
             server  on your network then you should set this to
             the WINS server's IP. 

             You should point this at your WINS  server  if  you
             have a multi-subnetted network. 

             NOTE.  You  need to set up Samba to point to a WINS
             server if you have multiple subnets and wish cross-
             subnet browsing to work correctly. 

             See  the  documentation  file  BROWSING.txt  in the
             docs/ directory of your Samba source  distribution. 

             Default: not enabled 

             Example: wins server = 

      wins support (G)
             This  boolean  controls  if  the  nmbd(8)process in
             Samba will act as a WINS server. You should not set
             this to true unless you have a multi-subnetted net­
             work and you wish a particular nmbd to be your WINS
             server.   Note  that  you  should NEVER set this to
             true on more than one machine in your network. 

             Default: wins support = no 

In plain english: 

wins server = <ip address of wins server>
wins support = no # Means that samba will not act as a wins server. 

Pradeepa Venkatswamy writes: 

> Hi, 
> 	We are using samba 2.2.1a on linux.....We have WINS server setup in our
> network.We want samba server to register it's name with WINS server.In the
> parameter list we haven't seen anything for registering samba with WINS
> server."wins server" parameter used only for name resolution not for the
> registeration........We don't want samba to act as WINS server.How to do
> name registeration of the samba server with WINS server?? 
> Regards,
> V.Pradeepa.
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