Pranay abex at
Sun Mar 17 20:00:02 GMT 2002

Hi Praveen,

    Do u want to search or browse ur LAN...??? I hope that u've configured
samba...if no configure it...its very simple...after u finish that...go to 'Control Centre' u'll get a window over there...choose
'Networking' in Networking choose Lan Browsing...specify ur Network Range
over there...& click on Auto Setup...(this feature only available in Red
Hat Linux 7.1 there's no option called 'Auto Setup') click
apply...!!! After u finish this...go to console window & just give
command..."lisa -K". This will start the Lisa if u want to
browse ur local network...just go to Home Network expand
it...& click on Local Network. From here u can browse ur local
IP Address...or if u provide entries in /etc/hosts file u can browse it
through names also...!!!

reply me it works or not...

with regards,



> Hi there,
>    In our institute, recently LAN has been setup and i want to design a
> samba based search engine for it(most of the
>     machine are win based and mine is linux). Please help me out that,
> where to start from?
> *Thanks in advance
>     praveen
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