smbpasswd modifcation & find cmputer by name fails

Pranay abex at
Fri Mar 15 00:41:09 GMT 2002


    The first thing I would like to tell u is why do u need to reboot the Linux
machine after changing the password? I don't think its necessarry...!!!

    Second thing try to log off & log in again to Windows machine & then try it...!!!
Also check whether ur nmbd service is running properly or not...!!!



Pradeepa Venkatswamy wrote:

> Hi,
>         We are using samba2.2.1.a on linux.....We observed that the find computer
> by name after password modification fails.....The following are the steps we
> did
>         1.Run samba on linux.Create user & password with smbpasswd utility
>         2.Try to find it by name using find computer in Windows.
>         3.It will prompt for user name/password once you try to access it.Supply
> user    name/password,then shares will be listed and browsable now.
>         4.Now change the password for that user using smbpasswd in linux.
>         5.Kill the smbd & nmbd process and reboot the linux m/c
>         6.From the same windows client try to access it by name using find
> computer.
>         7.It will prompt for the user/password when you try to access it.
>         8.Even though you supply correct user/ keeps prompting
> for user/name   password.It won't list out the shares.
>         Why is this happening????but map drive using ip address is succeeding even
> after   password modification...........
>         Can anyone tell us why find computer by name fails after password
> modification????
> Regards,
> V.Pradeepa.
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