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Steve Cleveland stevec at engr.orst.edu
Thu Mar 14 18:19:02 GMT 2002

I'm running Samba 2.2.2 on Solaris 8 in a college environment with
approximately 200 PC workstations.  The Solaris server is a Sunfire 280R
2x750MHz, and 4GB RAM.

The end of the term is here, and the labs are near capacity for most of
the day.  As the usage has gone up, we've started to experience a lot of
problems.  I've been tracking the number of smbd processes and as they
reach 300+, it suddenly jumps to ~400, the load on the server jumps to
around 70 (from 2 or 3) and all of the processes disconnect from the

I basically have to kill off the processes by hand and restart samba to
get things straightened out.

Looking at the logs, I see quite a lot of stuff, and don't really know
what any of it means.

Mar 14 14:00:47 stak smbd[23433]: [ID 702911 local7.error] reply_lockingX:
Error : oplock break from client for fnum = 7937 and no oplock granted on
this file (stella/mcsm1 fit/Mass Transfer Limitiation/BUtane

Mar 14 14:00:35 stak smbd[24115]: [ID 702911 local7.error] locking :
delete_fn. LOGIC ERROR ! Entry for pid 23930 and it no longer exists !

Mar 14 14:00:35 stak smbd[24105]: [ID 702911 local7.error] PANIC:
request_oplock_break: no fsp found for our own oplock

Mar 14 14:00:35 stak smbd[24105]: [ID 702911 local7.error] ERROR: string
overflow by 1 in safe_strcpy [mcintosh]

Mar 14 15:00:03 stak smbd[29962]: [ID 702911 local7.error]
request_oplock_break: PANIC : breaking our own oplock requested for dev =
30c0432, inode = 570228,

Mar 14 15:00:40 stak smbd[2305]:  [ID 702911 local7.error]
yield_connection: tdb_delete for name failed with error Record does not

The "string overflow" message we have always gotten.  For some reason, the
length of the usernames is being limited to seven characters instead of
eight.  It would also be nice to stop getting that error message!

I can post the logs if anyone is interested.  Right now it's just log
level 1, but I can increase that for a short amount of time (The logs get
large as it is).

If someone can explain these errors and tell me if they could cause the
errors I am seeing, I would greatly appreciate it!

 - Steve

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