smbpasswd modifcation & find cmputer by name fails

Pradeepa Venkatswamy pradeepa.venkatswamy at
Thu Mar 14 06:35:04 GMT 2002


	We are using samba2.2.1.a on linux.....We observed that the find computer
by name after password modification fails.....The following are the steps we

	1.Run samba on linux.Create user & password with smbpasswd utility
	2.Try to find it by name using find computer in Windows.
	3.It will prompt for user name/password once you try to access it.Supply
user 	name/password,then shares will be listed and browsable now.
	4.Now change the password for that user using smbpasswd in linux.
	5.Kill the smbd & nmbd process and reboot the linux m/c
	6.From the same windows client try to access it by name using find
	7.It will prompt for the user/password when you try to access it.
	8.Even though you supply correct user/ keeps prompting
for user/name 	password.It won't list out the shares.

	Why is this happening????but map drive using ip address is succeeding even
after 	password modification...........

	Can anyone tell us why find computer by name fails after password


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