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Wed Mar 13 05:57:09 GMT 2002

Dear Jelmer,

I would like to see your pdb_mysql plugin.
Could you please send me or post it in somewhere?

Best regards,

Na Tuesday, 12 de March de 2002 às 09:23:09 PM, Jelmer Vernooij escreveu:

> > > I've installed Samba Server in my FreeBSD 4.2 box and it's working so fine.
> > > Samba is working like NT domain and it's running script.bat very well.
> > > Therefore I'd like to know if there is a possbility to use database like postgres or mysql to authenticate my samba users instead of smbpasswd file, because I need more control about the informations of my users.
> > Samba HEAD allows for pluggable passdb modules, and I understand a mysql
> > module is under development for this purpose.  Stay tuned.
> I've programmed a pdb_mysql plugin, though all fields are hardcoded
> atm. If you're a little experienced with editing C #define's, I can
> post my module somewhere. It currently doesn't support adding or
> modifying users though. 
> Jelmer
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