roaming cache and nt acl support

William Jojo jojowil at
Tue Mar 12 11:17:02 GMT 2002


Got a wierd one here....

on 2.2.1a with "nt acl support = yes" I do not seem to have any

however, when I do 2.2.2, I get issues with deleting roaming cache in
Windows 2000/SP2 on logoff...but, when I set "nt acl support =
no" everything is way cool.

now on 2.2.3a it does the same thing and on 2.2.4-pre also does the same

The issue with this is it appears that even the Administrator cannot
remove locally cached profiles from the PC without jumping through a large
series of hoops (by way of permissions). For example
rt-click/properties/security/advanced/take ownership/allow
inheritable....blah blah blah....

but, like I said set "nt acl support = no" and it's happy as a clam (the
previously unremovable will remain, the new profiles are removed as

So I guess my questions are:

1) Is this normal behaviour for "nt acl support = yes"?
2) Should I be setting it to no?
3) Is it a bug introduced at 2.2.2?

I can get a dump together if someone would like me to...


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