CIFS extensions for UNIX

John Newbigin jn at
Mon Mar 11 21:43:02 GMT 2002

I have done a bit more work on CIFS extensions for UNIX in smbfs.  I 
have had some success and found possibly some problems.

I have updated my patches to work against linux 2.4.18.  I have had some 
problems with my patches failing fsx-linux.  For now I have reverted to 
using smb_proc_trunc (which is a SMBwrite call).  This works but leads 
me to beleive that there may be a problem with truncates using 

I have a patch for SAMBA_2_2 which implements SMB_SIZE_NO_CHANGE and 
SMB_TIME_NO_CHANGE.  I think it should be safe for machines with no 64 
bit integer but I have only tested it under Linux i386.

The samba patch is here

I am currently building the patch for linux 2.4.18.  When it is ready it 
will be available from here


Information Technology Innovation Group
Swinburne University. Melbourne, Australia

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