nothing personal: pleased to see your efforts

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sun Mar 10 02:42:03 GMT 2002

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> andrew,
> thanks for your comments.  they do, however, make me feel
> even more disappointed and distressed.
> i am sitting here absolutely shaking and almost in tears
> i am that upset by the content of your message.
> please therefore, and i really really have to emphasise
> this: please refrain from researching the TNG lists
> for information on how things work in TNG.

may I ask when you feel I last did this?   While I reserve the right to
do so, its not something I have made a habit of doing.

> alternatively, if you _do_ wish to continue to contact the people
> who are on the list please let me know and i will unsubscribe from
> the tng-users and tng-technical lists.

I will continue to discuss issues of consequence to both teams with
developers from both and

I will continue to provide my opinion on the relative suitability of
Samba and Samba-TNG when users raise this question.

I will continue to work with any developer interested in the integration
of Samba-TNG services into a HEAD infrastructure, because without this I
am convinced that Samba-TNG will die.

I will continue to work towards making it easier to run both Samba and
Samba-TNG on the same host.

> basically, TNG has remained static because there is no
> funding for its developers.  to hear that samba has
> corporate sponsors that pay for TNG's work to be duplicated
> is very, very distressing for me.

Little to none of TNGs work is being duplicated.  A lot of work is being
extended, but there is no corporate interest in the areas in which TNG
has any significant lead.  This has been the case for the last 9 months
I believe, when winbind and samsync made it into HEAD.  

That said, I am at a loss to find many areas in which TNG has any
significant lead.  Given this, why would companies want to fund TNG

> especially as i know that i can make and have made a significant
> difference to the speed at which development takes place - an
> order of magnitude increase.

You make this claim often, but I have not seen the evidence to back it

> now, if samba has more money then of course it's going to
> move forward - that's the way things work!

Some members of the Samba team are employed - but much of the
'interesting' work is still being done by volunteers - myself included.

> if you can get those corporate sponsors to contact me and
> pay me money, i will help you out.

I have not asked you for assistance, nor do I have the resources as a
private individual (and a student for that matter) to 'pay you money'. 
I hold no sway with the employers of other team members.  

Andrew Bartlett

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