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Gerald Carter jerry at
Sat Mar 9 06:22:04 GMT 2002

On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, Stefan Marx wrote:

> Hi,
> has someone solved this problem? (I stumbled upon the message in the
> archive of the samba-list looking for a solution to much the same thing)
> Normal printing works from both clients to a samba printer ( with cups).
> One client shows the printer as ready, the other shows it as access
> denied, although printing is working anyway, except with ACT!2000 from
> both clients.

I found a log file from Ed Wilson regading this issue.  What is the client 
OS?  XP?   Hmmm....curious....  That was the client Ed was using.
I had assuming MS had changed something the printing code in XP, but
maybe this is ACT's problem.  I looked quickly at the log file
and the sure enough, the OpenPrinter call can't be parsed.
Something is out of sync.  

This looks like an ACT!2000 bug.  Look at the panning width.  It
seems absolutely, unreasonable.  Of course, this would imply
the same issues would occur from NT to NT (or 2k).....

Unless NT/2k just ignores the marshalling failure and replies
with a failure.... 

Ed, could you perform the same test from XP -> 2k and get a tcpdump
for me? (tcpdump -w /tmp/dump.pcap -s 65535 -i eth0).  Thanks.

 0054 devicename: \.\.k.o.n.i.c.\.H.P.-.5.M.P...........
 0094 specversion: 0400
 0096 driverversion: 0502
 0098 size: 00d4
 009a driverextra: 02c4
 009c fields: 0000ef53
 00a0 orientation: 0001
 00a2 papersize: 0001
 00a4 paperlength: 0b9a
 00a6 paperwidth: 0834
 00a8 scale: 0064
 00aa copies: 0001
 00ac defaultsource: 000f
 00ae printquality: 0258
 00b0 color: 0001
 00b2 duplex: 0001
 00b4 yresolution: 0258
 00b6 ttoption: 0003
 00b8 collate: 0001
 00ba formname: A.4......................
 00fa logpixels: 0000
 00fc bitsperpel: 00000000
 0100 pelswidth: 00000000
 0104 pelsheight: 00000000
 0108 displayflags: 00000001
 010c displayfrequency: 00000000
 0110 icmmethod: 00000001
 0114 icmintent: 00000002
 0118 mediatype: 00000001
 011c dithertype: 00000000
 0120 reserved1: 00000000
 0124 reserved2: 00000000
 0128 panningwidth: 56495250
 012c panningheight: 000030e2

cheers, jerry
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