[Samba] Want to contribute to SAMBA Doc : NT,PDC, Problems, etc...

Mats olsson mace2442 at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 9 05:35:03 GMT 2002

I'll help you.

I'm not a developer but i can write docs.


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>Subject: [Samba] Want to contribute to SAMBA Doc : NT,PDC, Problems, etc...
>Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 09:30:33 +0100
>Hi all,
>Like certainly many members of those lists (SAMBA's list), I would like  to
>contribute to SAMBA project. The main reason is because when you write
>something you must absolutely be familiar with the subject. It will give me
>oportunity to be (more) familiar with some kinds of SAMBA Spec.
>Since I read samba mailling list, many questions are post about SAMBA PDC,
>BDC, etc, interaction with Windows Domain, etc. I know that OpenSource
>Project are sometimes very busy and there're times where teams can't 
>in good way to users questions. But don't giving the good respons in the
>right time could be  for the company witch study OpenSource opportunity
>(SAMBA) a "bad OpenSource Experience".
>In fact I would like to write a sort of "Deployment and Integration Guide"
>based on some experience of some contributors and team members to this
>project (and SAMBA-TNG too).
>The goal is to give a chance of good and simple integration of SAMBA in all
>enterprises, and give the community some basic respons in the fisrt time :
>- Source of informations, mailing list, white papers, news, web, etc...
>- Does SAMBA will work with our enterprise architecture SCHEMS ?
>- What work ?
>- What don't work ?
>- What is plan and when ?
>- Technical success story and experience !
>- Provide some graphic architecture SCHEMS, etc.
>I think for the user point of view, it is important that community be able
>to know the work of SAMBA-TNG too, since for beeginners (in the Linux 
>it's not very "clear" what SAMBA provide and don't, what SAMBA-TNG provide
>and don't. All what I read talk about some "RPC things" witch in mind of
>some enterprise administrators is simply "technical noise".
>I know that some good books have been wrote on this subject, but (AFAIK)
>nothing really exist in the OpenSource Mind.
>I would like to know if someone of the samba team exist to validate a
>document like this one, and if some members of this team could be a central
>point for some questions I will (certainly) have ?
>Behind you will find a plan of this doc.
>Thanks for comments, and advise.
>Plan :
>- What manage and what provide Windows Domain ( Users account, Access
>- Introduction to MS architecture on Windows NT Domains with some SCHEMS.
>- Windows NT 4.0 architecture.
>- Windows 2000 architecture.
>- Mixed architecture (W2K and NT 4.0).
>- How does it work ?(technically).
>- Introduction to SAMBA ( What it provide, what it is not).
>- Samples integration schems.
>- How does it work ?
>- Planed scenarios to migrate to a full SAMBA domain in replacement of
>Windows one's.
>- ...
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