samba on HPUX 11

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That seems to turn the trick.


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"Orwig, Paul" wrote:
> I am having problems getting samba to run on HPUX 11.
> Details:
> HPUX 11
> samba 2.2.2 and 2.2.3a
> gcc 3.0.1
> configure options: --prefix=/samba --with-pam --without-winbind
> Problem:
> 1)  I am running with logging level at 3 and see many PANIC messages.
>   PANIC: failed to set gid

My guess is that you used the (default) 'nobody' account for 'guest user
= ' in your smb.conf.  Samba doesn't like accounts with a uid or gid of
-1 or the like, and its 'self-check' showed that when it tried to change
to that user, it didin't work - so rather than give guest users root, it

HP uses a guest account of 'smbuser' (with a 'normal' uid/gid) in their
CIFS/9000 product (samba rebadged) to get around this.

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