[PATCH] using lp_passdb_module_path()

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Fri Mar 8 04:09:04 GMT 2002

Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
> Hi!
> This small patch allows lp_passdb_module_path() to have an actual use
> :) You can now do things like this in your smb.conf:
>   passdb module path = /home/jelmer
>   passdb backend = plugin:pdb_mysql.so:location
> of course, this also still works:
>   passdb backend = plugin:/some/path/to/pdb_mysql.so:location
> and this even should work:
>   passdb module path = /home/jelmer
>   passdb backend = plugin:../user/pdb_mysql.so:location
> A default for passdb backend might be nice..

It defaults to smbpasswd, or did you mean a default for 'passdb module

The patch needs two things:  

Style:  I have a serious objection to 'tight c' where the minimum
whitespace is used.  Please ensure that your code is formatted in the
same way as the rest of the samba source.  

Documentation:  While this parameter has been declared for a while, it
has no documentation.  A patch for the docbook sources that explains
both the plugin passdb module and this new code would be appreciated.

Other than that, it looks fine - but is is really needed?  We could kill
of this module entirely - why can't we just specify the full path in the
passdb backend line?

Andrew Bartlett

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