HELLO?!? No responses back - what information do you need to repl y? Solaris/samba3.0alpha15 - authentication

David Shapiro David.Edward.Shapiro at btitele.com
Thu Mar 7 10:16:10 GMT 2002

It looks like the lastest head for samba compiled for solaris 8 (samba
3.0alpha15) ignores the separator and/or the winbind use default domain =
option or something.  I have a separator of +.  When I connect it tells me
user davidsha is not valid user, but it should have checked for
domain+davidsha.  I ran getent passwd davidsha and copied that line into
/etc/passwd minus the domain+ and changed all the valid users=
domain+davidsha to just valid users=davidsha, and it lets me access the
share without prompting for password.  What is going on here?  Note that
config.log shows it can't find things like: ns_api.h, ac_nonexistent.h,
confdefs.h, sys/filesys.h, nss.h, security.h, etc. It compiled and make
buildt the samba.  

getent passwd returns all users
getent group still does not return all groups.  I can not tell why some are
returned and other groups are not.  I thought it was just domain groups that
began with C or D, but I see one that has R.  

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