Multiple samba servers, 1 smb.conf.include file

Karyn Joseph karyn.joseph at
Wed Mar 6 13:21:10 GMT 2002

Hi Everyone --

Currently we are running two samba servers, server1 and server2 for 
example, which are each using the same smb.conf.editme as an include 
file to the server's smb.conf file for it's shares.  In other words if 
you go to \\server1\my-share or \\server2\my-share, it would be the 
identical share.

One quite large problem that we are running into is that although each 
server will apply file locking, if two people connect to the same file 
from both servers, they will both get write permissions to the file.

For example, if I open \\server1\my-share\test.doc, and someone else 
runs \\server2\my-share\test.doc, we would both be able to make edits 
and save, meaning of course, that someone is losing their edits.

I am wondering if there is anyone else running multiple samba servers 
sharing out the same files.  And if so, do you know of any mechanism to 
ensure the file locking is working across both share environments.

Any comments are extremely welcome.

Thank you for your time,

Karyn Joseph   		       EIT - Agoura, CA
UNIX Administrator	       818/874-6116

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