Passwords when mounting SMB shares

Peter Simons simons at
Wed Mar 6 03:39:02 GMT 2002

Homann, Mathias writes:

 > and as long as you post a question like this from some redirection
 > email address like I'd say that this claim to want to
 > 'increase internal network security' can also be a trick to find a
 > way to hack into someone else's systems.

_Any_ knowledge people seek in order to make their systems more secure
can be used to hack into someone else's system as well. That does not
depend on the e-mail addresses of the poster asking the question ...

If I'd be interested in hacking into someone's system rather than
learning something myself, I'd use the LC3 cracker available from
<>, because this program can do
anything I would need. But that's not what I am interested in.


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