Win2K client joining 3.0 HEAD server success + problem

Hayden skhay at
Mon Mar 4 18:35:04 GMT 2002

Hi All,

    First off, just want to report I have successfully joined Win2K 
clients to a domain hosted by 3.0 HEAD as PDC.  I'm only using good old 
UNIX password authentication, i.e., no ldap,pam, etc.  No Active 
Directory stuff has been tested.  Unicode filename works flawlessly (big 
smile here).  Have not, and do not plan to use unicode username.

    There were some problem when joining a machine to the domain for the 
first time.  As suggested in, a line "use 
spnego=no" has to be added or else the same error describes in the web 
page occurs.  Don't understand the logic behind it.

    Some problems though:

    (1) I  have some problems with user privilege.  I have done all the 
group mapping using smbgroupedit to map unix groups to the Domain Admins 
group.  Yet I don't get the privileges.  In fact, I have a feeling I am 
log on with the lowest possible guest-like privileges when I log on as I 
can't even change the view of explorers, etc.

    (2) Extrememly poor performance after I log on to domain.  Opening 
My Computer to list the drives takes almost 5 seconds to complete!! 
 Icons for each drive (both local and network) pops up one by one in 
almost 1 second interval.  Not to mention my CD-ROM icon is gone 
mysteriously.  Same thing happens when browing through windows explorer.

    I will work on the user privilege problem soon, maybe try using 
ldap/Active Directory and report later.  For the performance problem, I 
have no clue how to track it down.  Any help is appreciated.  I can't 
let Win2K runs on a 1G Pentium with a performance of a 486 :)


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