[RFC][PATCH] Using VFS modules on FreeBSD (was: Re: Modified skel.c file)

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Mon Mar 4 12:52:14 GMT 2002

Rainer Link wrote:
> Ries van twisk wrote:
> > here is the complete patch to get a working VFS system.
> > I tested both skel.so and audit.so.
> > The block.so example loads succesfully but I didn't really test it out
> > since I have not clue what it really does....
> >
> > This patch also includes the patches found on www.openantivirus.org in
> > the samba-vscan project created by Rainer Link.
> Actually, you can't currently use VFS modules on a FreeBSD system, as
> configure checks if libdl is available and vfs.c depends on HAVE_LIBDL.
> But on FreeBSD (at least 4.5) dlopen and such are part of libc and not
> part of an own lib. Attached is a small patch for configure.in, which
> "fixes" this issue (it's just a q&d hack I did after sb complained for
> being not able to use my vscan-samba stuff on his FBSD system). Comments
> welcome.

Why not do a check for the dlopen() call, then try again with -ldlopen
to check for the correct location?  

Andrew Bartlett

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