samba 3.0 alpha15 and acl-support problem

Esh, Andrew AEsh at
Mon Mar 4 07:30:14 GMT 2002

This is true. dos_to_unix used to be defined on line 177 in include/kanji.h,
but that file doesn't exist any more. Here are all the references to
dos_to_unix in HEAD:

/usr/local/src/samba_head/source/lib/sysacls.c <unknown> 1206   return
sys_acl_get_file(dos_to_unix(fsp->fsp_name,False), SMB_ACL_TYPE_ACCESS);
/usr/local/src/samba_head/source/lib/sysacls.c <unknown> 1896   return
sys_acl_set_file(dos_to_unix(fsp->fsp_name,False), SMB_ACL_TYPE_ACCESS,
/usr/local/src/samba_head/source/passdb/pdb_nisplus.c <unknown> 545
dos_to_unix(full_name, True);
/usr/local/src/samba_head/source/passdb/pdb_nisplus.c <unknown> 547
dos_to_unix(acct_desc, True);

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Subject: samba 3.0 alpha15 and acl-support problem

When acl-support is enabled, the compile fails on linking dos_to_unix
into smbd.
It looks sysacls.c still uses the "dos_to_unix" function which could
not be found in this release any longer.

Build: samba 3.0 alpha15
OS:    HP-UX 11i (hppa2.0n-hp-hpux11.11)
gcc:   3.0.3

Shunichiro Cho <scho at>
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