name resolution & DHCP

Pradeepa Venkatswamy pradeepa.venkatswamy at
Mon Mar 4 02:40:04 GMT 2002


	We have 2 clients,one client is configured to get ip address from DHCP
server and another client has static ip address.

	The DHCP-client is able to communicate to the samba server with netbios
name.But the static ip-client is not able to communicate to samab server
with netbios name.Both clients are configured to node type b-node.When we
analysed the tcpdump info ,DHCP client & static ip-client both are sending
broadcast messages,but static ip-client is not getting response from samba
server.All these 3 m/c are in same subnet.How to solve this
problem?????Adding entry in lmhosts file worked.....but why samba server is
not sending response for broadcast message???

Thank you,

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