Fwd: Samba and referrals in LDAP

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Mon Mar 4 00:58:06 GMT 2002

"Marshall, Joshua" wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> I just had a look at version 1.23 (latest HEAD) via the cvsweb... the
> patch I sent you has most of its code stolen from ldapsam_connect_system() which actually has the same static variables in the latest version (or
> am I just confused from your email).
> If you're looking at taking these static variables out, you could get the
> code to call fetch_ldapsam_pw() every time it had to do a rebind. This would take out the necessity to
> use static variables. I wouldn't think that fetch_ldapsam_pw() would take
> an incredibly long time, and a rebind only occurs on updates, which are
> infrequent.

Thanks for that - I'll fix it up not to use static variables shortly.  I
think this sounds like the right solution.  This still leaves us with a
problem:  Where do we get the DN to bind as from?  I would like this to
read (indirectly if we can't do it directly) the a value stored in the
ldap_privates struct.  

Andrew Bartlett

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