Fwd: Samba and referrals in LDAP

Marshall, Joshua MarshallJ at switch.aust.com
Sun Mar 3 22:35:03 GMT 2002

Hi Andrew,

I just had a look at version 1.23 (latest HEAD) via the cvsweb... the 
patch I sent you has most of its code stolen from ldapsam_connect_system() which actually has the same static variables in the latest version (or 
am I just confused from your email).

If you're looking at taking these static variables out, you could get the 
code to call fetch_ldapsam_pw() every time it had to do a rebind. This would take out the necessity to 
use static variables. I wouldn't think that fetch_ldapsam_pw() would take 
an incredibly long time, and a rebind only occurs on updates, which are 


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Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at pcug.org.au>
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03/03/2002 07:43 PM

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"Marshall, Joshua" wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'd like to submit this patch for inclusion into the samba code. It is a
> patch which is clean against samba 2.2.3a.

While it looks fine for 2.2, I was looking to apply it to HEAD.  This
presents a problem:  HEAD doesn't use static varialbes in the passdb
code any more, and I would like to keep it that way - is there any way
to get ldap to store a void* pointer to keep this stuff attached to, or
some other way to do this without static variables?

Andrew Bartlett

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