RE Domain User Fix Patch

David Mulcahy david.mulcahy at
Sun Mar 3 08:14:02 GMT 2002

Hello All

Downloaded samba Samba_2_2 from cvs last night and I am experiencing familiar 
things to samb 2.2.3 with the domain user fix patch.  I think what seems to 
be the problem is with roaming profiles enabled and setting logon home = 
\\%L\%U and logon path set to the same.  When a user logs on and off again 
all there existing files and dircetories in there home directory have been 
deleted.  I cant remember now but i dont think that happened in 2.2.3 without 
the patch, I think the win profile dirs just got intergrated.

If could be just a config problem with how i have set logon path and home.  I 
dont know 

Just one last quick note to Andrew Bartlett.  I am not sure if you have found 
the renaming problem with winamp but i just checked it out on SAMBA_2_2 and 
the share violation problem remains. I replied a couple of days ago to the 
samba digest with a more detailed approach to reproducing the problem if 

Hope the above helps and doesn't hinder

David Mulcahy

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